Healthcare AI, Gemini Sports Analytics, and Free Agents

The Social Leverage Letter | Issue #133

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1upHealth’s (Fund III) CTO touches on challenges such as data interoperability and transparency, and highlights 1upHealth's role in providing a modern data stack to facilitate AI-powered healthcare applications. The article concludes with the mission of 1upHealth to create an extensive data cloud to improve patient care and population health outcomes in the US healthcare system.

Gemini Sports Analytics’ (Fund IV) blog post announces the release of Dashboards, a new feature allowing collaboration and decision-making within organizations by presenting data projects and models interactively. Additionally, it highlights Gemini's participation in various conferences, podcast releases, media appearances, and upcoming events, including Raleigh-Durham Startup Week.

Our very own Matt Ober compares the concept of being a free agent in professional sports to the job market, emphasizing the importance of continuously assessing one's value and seeking opportunities for advancement. He discusses the necessity of hard work, networking, and job transitions to achieve higher compensation and career success. Additionally, he introduces, a Fund IV company providing AI-driven career guidance services to individuals, enabling them to navigate job opportunities and career decisions effectively.




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