High Stakes Golf, the Future of Solar, and Innovation in Sports Analytics

The Social Leverage Letter | Issue #127

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Grass League by Grass Clippings (Fund IV) is launching a new prime-time Par-3 golf league this spring, in partnership with Bleacher Report, to showcase emerging talent and emphasize high-stakes, team-oriented play. The league's first event will be held at Grass Clippings Rolling Hills in Tempe, Arizona, and will feature a 36-hole, two-person scramble format. With 75 teams participating, including 20 "Franchise Teams," the league aims to refocus competitive golf on team camaraderie and away from the individual-centric formats seen in other tours. The event will be broadcasted on Bleacher Report's platforms and TruTV.

At Social Leverage we announced our investment in Heliose (Fund IV), a real-time solar marketplace aiming to revolutionize the solar industry by making it accessible, affordable, and straightforward for consumers, installers, and lenders. Heliose plans to address the current fragmented and inefficient process of adopting solar energy in the US by significantly reducing costs and installation times, with a vision to cover over 90% of the US population soon.

Gemini Sports Analytics (Fund IV) and Infinite Athlete™ have partnered to offer sports teams and clubs an integrated data solution aimed at enhancing data-driven decision-making on and off the field. This collaboration combines Gemini's AI and machine learning applications with Infinite Athlete's FusionFeed™ technology, providing a unified technological foundation for a wide range of sports. The partnership is designed to streamline data ingestion, offer enhanced insights, and support better decision-making in recruitment, player development, and performance analysis, leveraging the strengths of both companies' technologies and extensive partner networks.


I. A Brief History of Lighted Sports


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