Ribbon.ai, Focus Days, and Gotrade ETFs

The Social Leverage Letter | Issue #129

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Ribbon (Fund IV) has introduced 'Chat AI,' an AI tool designed to assist users in finding answers related to their career and job search. By leveraging Ribbon's extensive data on jobs and career paths, Chat AI offers personalized answers without requiring users to input their experience, improving over time with usage.

Tyler Denk, founder and CEO of beehiiv (Fund IV) expresses a strong dislike for meetings, leading to the implementation of two focus days per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) dedicated to deep work without internal or external meetings. This change has significantly increased productivity, with these days being the most productive of the week.

Gotrade (Fund III) has revolutionized the country's investment landscape by introducing Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), providing Indonesian investors with an accessible and diverse investment option. This strategic move is expected to break down traditional barriers to investing, such as high costs and limited access to diversified assets, thereby fostering financial growth and stability in Indonesia.



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