Ribbon.ai Unveils Chat AI, PunchUp raises $1M, Liquid Death is Valued at $1.4B

The Social Leverage Letter | Issue #130

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Ribbon.ai (Fund IV) has introduced Chat AI, a revolutionary digital career coach that provides personalized guidance and advice for job-seekers, aiming to alleviate anxiety and boost confidence in navigating the competitive job market. Unlike traditional chatbots, Chat AI stands out for its contextual understanding of users' work experiences and access to relevant job data, along with a suite of complementary tools like Resume+, Interview+, and Jobs Copilot, all aimed at empowering individuals to take control of their careers in an ever-evolving workplace.

PunchUp (Fund IV), a comedy startup founded by former Meta employees Danny Frenkel and Alex Dajani, addresses the changing landscape of comedian careers post-2020 by providing tools to help comedians better understand and engage with their audiences, streamline ticket sales, and offer a hub for paywalled content. The platform has already seen success with comedians like Steve Byrne and Sam Morril, helping them sell out shows and offering insights into audience behavior across social media platforms.

Los Angeles-based beverage startup Liquid Death has doubled its valuation to $1.4 billion in a new financing round, attracting strategic investors including actor Josh Brolin and NFL player DeAndre Hopkins. The company plans to use the $67 million raised to further develop its product lines, including new flavors, and capitalize on its success in categories like iced tea and flavored waters, driven by its strong social media presence with millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram.




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