Social Leverage Letter | Issue #14

Nayya in the News, the Common Knowledge Game, Increasing the GDP of the Internet, and Lessons from a Communications Professor

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Congratulations to portfolio company Nayya cofounder and CTO Akash Magoon for being named to the 2022 Forbes 30 under 30 List!


Epsilon Theory | Ben Hunt

In this fascinating dive into human nature, Ben covers the classic thought experiment of the Common Knowledge Game — The Island of the Green-Eyed Tribe, among other things. TLDR: In both markets and in politics, our human intelligences are being trained to be sheep intelligences. Common knowledge is information, public or private, that everyone believes is shared by everyone else.


Panic with Friends | Howard Lindzon

Justin recalls some advice Howard gave him back in 2014 - there are so many interesting things happening in fintech broadly, that if you want to go work on something for ten years that is really interesting and unknown, but with high asymmetric upside; then making that bet is probably a good move. And that’s just what he did. Fast forward to today and Justin is at Lightspeed, where we’re in our first investment together, Payitoff.


YouTube | Alex Lyon

Communications Professor Alex Lyon demonstrates the importance of tone of voice when speaking in public. Be aware of your tone of voice and how you come across to others. Be comfortable with using humor when presenting. This differs from the conventional advice of opening with the typical setup – punch line ‘jokes’. Audiences love humorous, light-hearted stories. The more relatable your story, the more interested your listeners will be.


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