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  • Stripe - A Lesson for Startup Employees, Ugly Lessons from SVB, a Deep Dive on Data, and a Full Breakdown of GPT-4

Stripe - A Lesson for Startup Employees, Ugly Lessons from SVB, a Deep Dive on Data, and a Full Breakdown of GPT-4

Social Leverage Letter | Issue #81

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Founders can learn a lot from the recent funding round for Stripe and its impact on employee equity. Vieje Piauwasdy from Secfi provides multiple scenarios for a Stripe employee selling their shares in the upcoming tender offer, including the tax implications and potential payouts. Employees should evaluate their cash needs and financial goals before deciding whether to sell or wait for an IPO.

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has many lessons that can be learned from it. The bank misjudged the risks of higher interest rates and inflation, leading to a mini tech downturn and a bank run. The debacle highlights some of the hypocrisy of the startup culture, which was exposed as careless with money, clueless in judgment, and ruthless in exercising political clout. Many have, and will continue to question the wisdom of storing all assets in uninsured accounts in a single bank.

Psychologist Anna Akbari encourages us to reflect on own personal transformations over the past three years amidst societal changes caused by the pandemic. She suggests taking stock of social ties, heroic feats, new elements, things let go of, and new aspirations. Akbari emphasizes the importance of focusing on personal growth and taking big swings in life to help us find more satisfying alternatives.


Auren Hoffman - A Deep Dive on Data - [Invest Like the Best, EP.320]

Listen to this episode from Invest Like the Best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy on Spotify. My guest this week is Auren Hoffman. Auren is the CEO of Safegraph, which curates data on physical locations. He also founded LiveRamp, a public data connectivity business. Auren knows more about data businesses than almost anyone I know and that is the topic of today’s discussion. We look at the business of data from every angle and finish with a fun masterclass on how to host a dinner party. Please enjoy my conversation with Auren Hoffman. For the full show notes, transcript, and links to mentioned content, check out the episode page here. ----- This episode is brought to you by Tegus, the modern research platform for leading investors. I’m a long-time user and advocate of Tegus, a company that I’ve been so consistently impressed with that last fall my firm, Positive Sum, invested $20M to support Tegus’ mission to expand its product ecosystem. Whether it’s quantitative analysis, company disclosures, management presentations, earnings calls - Tegus has tools for every step of your investment research. They even have over 4000 fully driveable financial models. Tegus’ maniacal focus on quality, as well as its depth, breadth and recency of content makes it the one-stop, end-to-end research platform for investors. Move faster, gather deep research to build conviction and surface high-quality, alpha-driving insights to find your differentiated edge with Tegus. As a listener, you can take the Tegus platform for a free test drive by visiting tegus.co/patrick. ----- Invest Like the Best is a property of Colossus, LLC. For more episodes of Invest Like the Best, visit joincolossus.com/episodes. Past guests include Tobi Lutke, Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger, John Collison, Kat Cole, Marc Andreessen, Matthew Ball, Bill Gurley, Anu Hariharan, Ben Thompson, and many more. Stay up to date on all our podcasts by signing up to Colossus Weekly, our quick dive every Sunday highlighting the top business and investing concepts from our podcasts and the best of what we read that week. Sign up here. Follow us on Twitter: @patrick_oshag | @JoinColossus Show Notes [00:03:16] - [First question] - His 2x2 matrix for categorizing different types of data businesses [00:04:59] - An example of what he calls a religion company in his matrix [00:07:03] - His notion of data currency [00:08:23] - His definition of a great business [00:09:46] - An example of a so-called application religion company in his proverbial matrix [00:11:24] - Co-op and non-profit business models within and outside of the data sphere [00:13:35] - The truth application quadrant of his matrix [00:15:00] - The more pure-data-oriented truth category of the matrix [00:16:18] - How data has exploded in prevalence for the business world as a whole [00:18:57] - How to think about the end market for data and its demand [00:21:09] - Characteristics of a good data set and how to identify it [00:23:14] - Other factors that impact the usability of a data set [00:24:30] - Optimizing data collection itself [00:26:30] - The slow growth that’s typical of early-stage data companies [00:27:27] - Market share considerations for data businesses [00:28:47] - Brand-building for data companies and how it can supercharge market share [00:30:03] - Common struggles for data entrepreneurs [00:31:55] - How he found a big problem that he could feasibly solve with data [00:34:01] - The genesis of his business; SafeGraph [00:35:15] - Progress in privacy protocols for gathering and mobilizing people’s data [00:37:08] - The power of self-maintained and user-maintained databases [00:38:34] - The kinds of data that SafeGraph gathers and how he foresees it expanding [00:40:16] - Typical customers and use cases for SafeGraph’s data [00:41:08] - How SafeGraph and other companies protect against data theft [00:42:12] - Frequency of change as a proxy for the value of a given data set [00:43:27] - How to optimize the systems of a business to continually gather and maintain accurate databases [00:45:32] - Categorizing inbound data based on the most important criteria [00:47:07] - The founder personalities he finds in the data industry [00:48:36] - The most noteworthy or quintessential data businesses in his opinion [00:49:53] - Why he feels the data truth quadrant of his matrix is underdeveloped [00:50:30] - Bloomberg as an important data company to study [00:51:42] - The importance of transparency in business and in data distribution [00:53:07] - Failure modes that he sees most commonly in data-based startups [00:53:53] - Data businesses becoming application businesses and vice-versa [00:55:29] - Innovations in the join keys and mechanisms that enable data to travel [00:57:35] - The great dinner parties he’s known for [00:59:50] - How he makes the dinner parties appeal to introverts [01:03:11] - Dead people he would most like to have as dinner guests [01:04:09] - Questions he would ask the most influential religious figures [01:04:58] - Why he thinks people are generally good and want to be inspired and passionate [01:06:20] - The kindest thing anyone has ever done for him

Talking Testosterone and Longevity with Hone Health Co-founder and CEO Saad Alam (EP.245)

Listen to this episode from Panic with Friends - Howard Lindzon on Spotify. There’s a massive unspoken epidemic going on globally in men’s health right now – low T-scores; and practically no one is talking about it. Lots of ‘youts’ are running around on an empty tank and don’t even know it. It’s an interesting and very important topic; and it's at the top of a lot of people’s minds, even if it’s a bit taboo to talk about. But it's something that matters to me, so I wanted to dive in deep and figure out what it all means. My guest today makes checking, monitoring, and boosting your t-score accessible and affordable. I’ve used the service myself (Ellen made me check mine), and as luck would have it, I'm also an indirect investor in Saad’s company. I’ve got a feeling this will be my most evergreen episode. Enjoy! Guest - Saad Alam, Founder and CEO at Hone Health howardlindzon.com, honehealth.com Twitter: @howardlindzon, @saad_hone, @honehealth, @PanicwFriends, @knutjensen Instagram: @msaadalam, @hone.health linkedin.com/in/saad-alam-a146b311 #fintech #invest #investment #venturecapital #stockmarket #finance Show Notes: Introduction. (00:37) Welcome Saad (06:14) Misconceptions about testosterone (07:49) Causes of low testosterone (09:51) The stigma of low T (10:55) Saad’s story (16:06) Shelf-life of a medical degree (20:50) Saad takes control of his health (22:44) An unspoken global epidemic (24:38) The Hone Health process (26:21) The 2011/12 testosterone hype (29:06) Howard’s t-score (37:45) Free testosterone (39:36) Leading longer lives (46:19) There’s no silver bullet (48:30) Wrapping it up. (53:08) Closing thoughts. (53:24)



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